Tuesday, January 22, 2013

while we're at reminiscing...

i know my last post was about the girlies birthday 
and you're probably sick of these "one year ago..." type posts
but, i've got one more i want to squeeze out, 
then i'll hold off for a bit - deal?
great, glad you're on board!

anyway, as i was saying, 
one year ago today, my girlies did their first ever photo shoot!

i remember contemplating whether or not to invest in a newborn shoot
i hummed and hawed about it for a while
then finally decided to go for it:
i knew photography was important to me
i knew i wanted to capture this fleeting newborny stage
i knew i was much too sleep deprived and not nearly skilled enough to do it myself
i knew how special and important it was to be in front of the camera with my new little family

and i couldn't have been happier with that decision.
expecting moms, let me share a tip from my mistakes: 
my deepest regret from pregnancy was not getting maternity shots
(because i didn't feel pretty, and i thought i would never want to remember what i looked like ...wrong!)
and on the other hand, i can't count how many times i've said i'm glad we got those newborn shots
moral of the story:  invest in preserving these memories, 
your kiddos will grow way quicker than you expect and you'll want to look back and remember these moments!

anyway, on to the girlies newborn pics
i've pored over these images time and time again
i hope you enjoy looking through some of them as much as i have!
(warning: serious photo vomit, coming right up!)
*images by green ginger photography - love, love, LOVE them!*


  1. So cute! I have two kids and am expecting twins and really want to do maternity and newborn photos, because I didn't do anything with my first two and I'm pretty sure these twins will be my last. Great photos and such wonderful memories for many many more years to come! Imagine when the girls are 20 looking at these! :)

  2. Congrats, Taara! (and thanks) You should totally do the photos - one of the reasons I want to specialize in newborn and maternity photography is because of how important I think it is, but so many expectant mom's don't realize just how important til it's too late!


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