Tuesday, February 26, 2013

celebrating one: the party

i totally didn't want to be that crazy mom 
who goes nuts for her kids first birthday
but i kinda did
and to be honest, i'm kinda glad i did

what i'm not so glad about
is that i was so worked up / busy / scatterbrained
that i didn't get too many photos during the party

i did, however, get a few
and then a couple more the next day
(my sister and i spent way to many late nights on those decorations to let them go unpictured!)

in fact, i think i tried to make up for the night of by taking a bazillion and one afterwards
(which i'm still going through)
but i've left you guys hanging for a bit now, 
so here's are a couple to tide you over
don't worry - there's more to come!
thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate our littles turning ONE
we felt truly blessed and honored  - y'all are the best!

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