Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine

i never was one to get all lovey dovey ooey gooey
but since daniel walked into my life, something's changed...
...i've gotten girlier
and so, rather than fight it - i'm just going with it
(if you can't beat 'em, join 'em --right?)

with that said, i'm serving up a fresh, ooey gooey, dose of valentines mush today
because it makes that girly side of me very happy 
(consider yourself warned)  


i love his eyes
how they shift colors: sometimes an intense blue; sometimes a mellow green; sometimes a kind, soft grey
i love his smile
it's contagious and reassuring all at once
i love his hands
they fit mine just right and can give a mean foot rub
i love his sense humor
witty, sarcastic, dry and yes, even silly sometimes

i love that he chooses whole wheat english muffins instead of bagels, 
low sodium soy sauce instead of the regular stuff, 
and plain cheese pizza instead of pepperoni
just because he knows that's what i would prefer

i love that he's smart, and logical and everything i'm not
that he balances me out,
often seems to know me better than i know me, 
and calms me down when i get a little loopy

nine valentine's days ago, 
we were "just friends" 
who made plans to study for a midterm that we had the next day
only to read over a few notes then head to the beach
for one of the coldest walks of my life
but i didn't really mind
something tells me he didn't either
i think back to that "date" every year around this time and smile

here's to nine valentines, daniel ...and many more to come!


k - here's your reward for putting up with my mush:
a fun, catchy tune to celebrate the day!

also, no valentines day is complete 
without some pink mixed in 
so here's some pink, cuddly sister-time for you
happy Vday!

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