Thursday, February 21, 2013

throwback thursday if you are on my facebook or follow me on instagram
you know that earlier this week,
i promised a post on last weekend's birthday festivities for the girlies

obviously, that hasn't happened yet
and i'm going to have to dash your hopes once more
because i've had some uber whiny baby girls on my hands
(and in my lap, and in my bed, and hanging off my back, and everything in between)
not sure what's going on, but whatever it is has required a lot of extra mommy cuddles
which is keeping me from getting too much done outside of the bare necessities
it's been painfully frustrating at times, but i know that this too shall pass

in the meantime, i'm at least trying to enjoy the extra snuggles
on the plus side, i have been able to steal a few minutes here and there
to go back through some of my images
and pick a couple of favorites to use in the photography portfolio i've got in the works

since i want to specialize in maternity / newborn / family photography
i pulled up my sister's maternity shoot to look through
i can't believe little mr. B was all wrapped up in that belly of hers
and now he's out and about,
eating solids, working on that tooth collection, etc - our bodies are truly amazing!

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