Saturday, May 3, 2014

little moments

if you follow me on instagram
you'll know that i've been using the hashtag #almostfloridagram over the past couple of days
in order to document the moments leading up to our family vacation in florida

there's a small (ok, maybe not so small) part of me 
that is super sad that i take most of my pictures are on my phone these days, 
because with two toddlers, my "fancy" camera just doesn't come out as often as i'd like it to

on the other hand, 
i'm so thankful for my phone's picture-taking capabilities
because fancy or not, i've forever captured these moments that are so dear to me

like the fact that my girlies LOVE banana / plantain chips right now, 
(so we packed some for a travel snack)

the flip-flops they picked out all by themselves just for our trip,

a snippet from our last breakfast at home - a sweet, surprisingly calm time with my girlies

the last BC sunset before we took off:
it stopped me for a minute in the middle of the packing chaos
and reminded me to reflect on and be thankful for the beautiful place we get to call home, 
the chaos, our family that we get to go visit and the beach house we get to enjoy with said family

the good coffee i shared with my love as we kicked off our 17+ hour trek,

my girlies, being their goofy selves during our layover in Charlotte

these are the moments, the everyday, "boring" moments, that i want to remember
they are the reason i take photos
fancy camera or otherwise,
so that one day, i can look back at my photos and relive details of my life
and enjoy the big picture as well as the little moments that helped build it.

p.s. i've already started posting pictures of our time here in florida (#floridagram2014) 
if i have time, i'll try and share some of those on here, 
but if you want to make sure you see 'em,
hop on over and follow me on instagram!

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