Thursday, May 29, 2014

under the weather + under the boardwalk

well, as you can guess from the title of this post
(or at least from part of it)
we've been under the weather this week,
battling a pretty nasty stomach bug
it started with Daniel on saturday
then by monday i fell victim to it
and today, the girlies seem like they're fighting something 
(hoping it's not the same thing we had, cause that was bad - we'd appreciate any prayers on that front!)

in the midst of all this sickie-chaos / whine-fest / mama-just-wants-her-coffee madness this morning, 
i looked up and thought to myself, 
"how is this week not over yet?!  i don't even think i can make it through today"
then i picked up my 50 promises stack and flipped to the next verse
as i reached out, i half heartedly thought to myself, 
"wouldn't it be ironic if the next verse was just what i needed to read?"
and of course, what do you think happened?
"do not be afraid; for i am with you.  
do not be dismayed; for i am your god.
i will strengthen you, i will help you, i will uphold you 
with the right hand of my righteousness."

my Jesus never fails
i'm so grateful for His help, the reminder of which i needed so badly this morning

and let's be honest, the morning didn't miraculously get better
the kids are still whining,
my head is still pounding,
my coffee is still barely sipped
i'm leaning on Him for strength to apologize to my kids when i'm short with them
or better yet, before i hit breaking point i am able to stop and say a little prayer
to ask for His help, His strength, His patience, His love, His kindness


on a {mostly} unrelated note,
sitting in bed while i was sick
gave me time to finish sorting through my phone pictures from our most recent day at the beach
this batch is mostly from under the boardwalk
there's just something magical about a space that's not always accessible
and just look at the crazy designs from the water's reflection on the wood cool!
i love it when the tide's out...and i love sharing these beautiful things with my munchkins (and you!)

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