Thursday, July 3, 2014

there might be a little dust on the blog...

...but don't let that fool you, we're just living liiiiife
k, that was kinda cheesy, but it's no secret that i'm a big cheeseball
and now i've got a song stuck in your head (haha - gotcha!)
that is, assuming you're up to snuff on your old country
...and if you're not, go watch this, then come back and thank me for the good laugh you just enjoyed

anyway, all that to say, it's been a while and there's lots to catch up on
we've spent the last month or so enjoying the perfect blend of keeping busy + summering
one big thing we celebrated was my baby brother's high school grad
here's to my brother, his classmates and the class of 2014
we (your families) are so proud of you 
and wish you the best as you march on into your next season of life!

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