Monday, July 7, 2014

Annual Camping Trip, Part 1

at the very end of my last post, i mentioned that we'd gone camping the weekend before
what i didn't mention was just how stunning the drive up was
seriously, i have lived in BC for almost 16 years now (yeesh, that makes me sound old!)
and i have yet to get over how gorgeous this place is
seriously folks, if you live around here, get yourself outside sometime, 
you don't know what you're missing!

even if you don't live around here, i'm sure there's something the great outdoors in your area has to offer
after all, it's not called the great outdoors for nothing

so go discover it!
take pictures, if that's your thing
or just take it all in
make memories
get exercise
breath in the fresh air
gasp at how beautiful it all is - i definitely do!
p.s. stay tuned - more photos to come from the actual camping part of our trip + scenery from the way home

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