Wednesday, July 9, 2014

my current favorite green smoothie

i buy a big tub of organic baby spinach every week
partly to force me to eat my greens (true story!),
but also partly because spinach is super versatile:
i can throw it in a salad,
stuff it into an omelette, 
wilt it with some spices for a super easy side dish,
...or, one of my favorite it's-3pm-and-i-still-haven't-had-lunch "meals," 
blend it into a green smoothie!

i've posted a couple green smoothie (or "green monster") recipes here before
(here and here), 
but this is the one i've been going back to over and over lately
and even though i have it so often, i still find the flavor really interesting
plus it's dairy-free / sugar free (date sweetened) / perfectly paleo
and it's got a boost of hemp protein in it!

yes, it's that good
the kids even love it*
you're welcome.
*(bear in mind, these same kids chose a thai broccoli salad and a kale superfood salad for lunch the other day...i've been told those aren't your typical two year old choices!)

at any rate, here's the recipe
try it for yourself - let me know what you think!

2-4 ounces coconut milk
(i use trader joe's light coconut milk because it's free of additives)
 1 heaping tbsp vanilla flavored organic hemp protein powder
(i sometimes just sub raw shelled hemp seeds)
1-2 medjool dates
1 cup (packed) organic baby spinach
1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
2 cups ice

- place ingredients in a blender or mini food prep
- blend until well combined
- drink up
(it turns out pretty thick so i often start with a spoon then switch to a straw)
like i mentioned earlier, i often have this as a late lunch to get me to dinner without filling up too much
it works great as a light breakfast, a snack any time of day or even an add-on to a meal!

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