Monday, July 21, 2014

wonderful wonder all around

i have a couple blog posts in the works right now
that were supposed to be up last week,
buuuuut, they're not quite ready so for now they remain in my drafts pile

instead of leaving you empty handed though, 
i thought i'd share a quote i heard over the weekend
as soon as i heard it, i thought of this exact picture i took on our way home from camping
(more camping pics coming soon, by the way)
and this morning i put the two together and came up with this:

"be aware of wonder"

there are so many wonderful and awe-inspiring things in our every day lives
so much to be thankful for
little evidences of grace all around us
we just need to make ourselves aware of it all

i often catch myself taking  for granted my life / kids / family / all the good things that i enjoy every day
then remind myself to notice them, savor them

so today i'm encouraging you to do the same:
take a look around, 
make yourself aware of the little things that make life wonderful
(and hey, if there are big things too, all the better!)

can't think of anything?  here are some examples to get you started:

- sunshine
- loved one's smiles
- nature
- berries
- children laughing
- the salty ocean breeze
- a good friend
- love
- sacrifice
- redemption
- dark chocolate
- coffee
- big life events (weddings / births / graduations / etc)

now it's your turn
what wonderful thing(s) do you want to take the time to become more aware of (and thankful for) today?

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