Monday, May 12, 2014

vacation catch-up

hey guys!
our vacation is officially over today:
daniel is back to work, the house is littered with toys
and there are half unpacked bags in every corner

out time on st. george island was full of fun, sand, waves, seafood, late nights, laugher, etc.
oh and perhaps the most exciting part was when my sister in law got engaged!!!
it was such a sweet proposal 
her fiance is a total keeper
he was up half the night collecting shells to write "marry me kate" in the sand
so she could see it on their sunrise walk
plus he passed the twin i said, he's a keeper
we got home halfway through saturday and spent the rest of the day battling jetlag...and napping
sunday wasn't much different
the girlies told me "happy you, mama" (translation:  happy mothers day),
we set up blankets in the living room to cuddle and watch frozen
(it scared one of them, and the other didn't have the attention span for the whole movie
....soooo we're probably shelving that one for a while)
then we napped some more,
skyped with daniel's parents 
(had to wish his mama "happy you" too! ;) )
and did a quick costco run to grab some essentials
(we were down to 2 diapers and almost out of coconut oil...crisis averted!)
after all that, we ran out to the backyard for some playtime before the sun went down
it was a beautiful end to our vacation
and now, on to "real life"

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