Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a small fib

remember back in September when I admitted to accidentally lying to you?  well, it looks like I've done it again...this time about being done work.  

allow me to explain.

last Thursday, I blogged about all the things I've been busy with - one of which was work, which, come this Friday, would be one less thing to balance.  Later that day, I went in for a midwife appointment, only to be turned right around and sent straight to the hospital.  

apparently, our little ones are a bit too little, so they wanted to run some tests and make sure everybody was healthy.  if not, they were going to induce.

as I sat there listening to my midwife explain the situation, all I could think was "induce?!? but I'm not ready!  there are still things to be done...I'm not done work, there's nowhere for the littles to sleep, what if I don't have the bare necessities yet, and what about my hospital bag - I haven't even begun to pack it!"  etc etc etc

now I understand what people mean when they say things like "for a moment, the world stopped turning" ...that is exactly how I felt - between the shock, concern, giddiness (at the possibility of finally meeting them!), fear, helplessness etc it actually felt like time stopped - guess it's one of those things you have to experience to understand.

so off I went to the hospital, all of these thoughts circling around my brain.  I checked into maternal fetal medicine and was whisked away into a room where they hooked me up to all kinds of wires.  a couple of hours later, they let us go, with babies still inside...for now.

they did, however, order me off of work (effective immediately!) and schedule in all kinds of appointments to keep track of the twins' growth as we approach full term.  and apparently after any given one of said appointments, they might send me off to induce the littles.  thankfully, we are far along enough where inducing them won't cause any long-term problems with their health, so all this really means is we might get surprise babies any day now.  gulp.  

so there you have it - when I said I'd be done work in a week, I really meant in a couple of hours - not that big of a difference, right?  ;)  in other news, I promised you a 30 and 31 week picture so here they are - who knows, these might be the last!

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