Thursday, December 29, 2011

tick, tock

dear babies,

we've passed the 35 week mark and are almost at new year's eve, and yet i've still not seen your little faces.  i had no doubt that i'd have you in my arms by now - obviously wrong on that front.  still, every time my belly contracts or i feel one of you move, i wonder, is today the day?  every night when i build my fort of pillows and get settled into it i wonder, will they arrive before morning?  daddy's pretty antsy about the whole thing - he asks if i feel anything with every toss and turn...we're both just so excited to get to meet you soon!

it seems as if every appointment we go to, the specialists / midwives / doctors / nurses are convinced that we don't have long to go, but for now we wait...and pray for the patience to enjoy this stage for all it's worth!  :)  they've also been telling us about how well you two are doing - daddy and i are so proud of how much you've grown and how well you've developed all your tiny little organs.  you've had so many people praying for you and by the grace of God you've surpassed all of our expectations.

i remember heading into fall and thinking that this winter won't be so bad because i had your arrival to look forward to, but i had no idea how fast the time would fly between all the preparation, appointments, etc - not even born and already a being a blessing to your mama!  these first few months of the year tend to be so dark, wet and discouraging - but this time around i get to look forward to spending time with you while we wait for longer and warmer days.  i have no doubt it'll be rough and there will be lots to learn in those first few months, but i'm also sure it will be an amazing experience - one i've never had before, that will stretch and teach me in ways i can't even begin to imagine!

but enough dreaming for now; i'd rather live in the moment and continue to pray for your safe arrival then take each day in stride, leaning on the Lord to supply the grace i need to navigate this new phase and teach me how to glorify him through my new role as your mama.

your mom


  1. Hey Angy,

    I love seeing how you are doing - CONGRATS to you and Dan. I hope all goes well in the coming weeks...and I can identify with you in being excited about a kiddo(s) arrival, as my due date is tomorrow ('only' one kid for us, though)! And yet, we wait ;). Time to enjoy life day-by-day and hopefully not get too antsy! Anyway, hope you continue to do well...I look forward to hearing about your little ones' arrivals! :) Take care!

  2. Blessed are your beautiful kids to have you as mamma! May our gracious Lord bring them safely to our world and bless you all! xxxxx Samia

  3. thanks ladies - you're too sweet!

    and Jackie - congrats right back at you and Tyler...hope your little comes soon for your sake and that your labor goes well. who knows, if you're delivering in Surrey, maybe we'll be at the hospital at the same time! :D


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