Monday, December 12, 2011

week 1

Today was supposed to be my first "official" day off work, but as I mentioned in my last post, I was ordered off a week early.  I thought I'd have so much time on my hands once I stopped working, especially with the extra week thrown in there, but boy was I wrong!  I guess I didn't anticipate the number of appointments and errands (especially at this time of year) I'd be running between.  I also didn't realize how much more sleep I'd need at this point in the pregnancy and how much longer things take when your body is so tired.  

That being said, I've still gotten a couple of things crossed off the to-do list:  
- I finally packed my hospital bag 
- We bought a used crib, had some great friends come over and help clean and assemble it
- I made what will likely be my last Trader Joe's trip before the arrival of the littles
(I use their Vitamin E oil straight on my tummy - it's super soothing and gentle...and way cheaper than fancy creams!  I would totally recommend it for pregnant bellies - quick, tell all your friends! ;) )
- I took care of random odds and ends around the house

What I haven't done is post a 32 week picture...
(now that we're practically 33 weeks - oops!)

so there you have it - my week in review plus the assurance that no babies have arrived yet 
(which seems to be the general assumption when people don't hear from me for a day or two!)

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