Monday, December 19, 2011

take that, winter!

there isn't much better than having a barista hand over a piping hot short-in-a-tall, 1/2 caf, 1 pump white mocha americano with a splash of soy and extra water to the top or a {insert your much simpler because you aren't a starbucks snob drink here}  ...especially on a cold / blustery / wet / dark day.

not having a set schedule anymore makes it tempting to waltz on over to my neighborhood starbucks every morning and get "the usual" (or at this time of year, maybe a chai eggnog latte - mmmm!)
I could blame it on a love of espresso or a need for company during the day (even if it's just a barista on the other side of the counter), but I think there's more to it than that.  I think a big part of it is wrapping my hands around a hot cup and feeling the warmth spread through my body with the yummy goodness of every sip.

kind of like these calzones we've been making lately
(I know, it was a stretch of a connection, but hey - when you've got baby brain, your thoughts don't always connect!)

anyway, back to the calzones - these are essentially our winter version of pizza ...because we've never cooked pizza in the oven (grilled pizza is just too good to veer away from), but we're kind of wimpy when it comes to the cold so it's definitely more of a summer food in our house.  that doesn't mean we go without our pizza fix in the winters, though. we just bundle our pizza up into warm little pockets of ooey gooey perfection stuffed with our favorite pizza toppings.

and the best part?  it's ridiculously easy.
I use the same dough as I do for grilled pizza - it's a snap to throw together and tastes great - why mess with a good thing, right?
the only hard part is remembering to make it early enough to rise.
once the dough's ready, just follow these steps and you're set:

white whole wheat calzones:
- preheat your oven to 350* F
- divide the dough out into 4 pieces (for large calzones) or 8 pieces (for more pizza pocket sized ones)
- roll each piece out into a circle
- pile your toppings / sauce / cheese etc onto half of your circle
(remember to leave a bit of an "edge" so you can shut your calzone!)
- fold the untopping-ed half over your toppings
- "seal" with a fork (sometimes it helps to fold a bit of the dough over itself)
- place calzones on a parchment lined baking sheet and distract yourself they brown nicely, about 25 minutes

these bad boys come out piping hot - as tempting as it is to dig in right aways, let 'em sit a couple of minutes after you've pulled them out the oven and be careful when you finally do cave!

so there you have it - beating the winter blues one meal at a time.  :)  it's a double bonus in our case, since every little bite goes towards growing these little babies (who are growing quite nicely, by the way - thanks for all your prayers!).  that being said, I'm once again overdue for a baby belly picture - so here we are at 33 weeks:

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