Sunday, March 31, 2013

jack johnson says it best...

do you remember when we first met
i sure do
it was sometime in early September.
you were lazy about it
you made wait around
i was so crazy about you, i didn't mind...

...i was crazy about you then 
and now the craziest thing of all, 
[almost] ten years have gone by
and you're still mine,
we're locked in time, 
let's rewind...

...well, all these times they come and go
and alone don't seem so long
[almost] ten years have gone by
we can't rewind
we're locked in time
and you're still mine

do you remember?

these were the lyrics that rang through the kitchen this morning
as i cooked up some pancakes and Daniel fed the girlies
the song always sends me down memory lane
we too, met in september (of 2003 - man, i felt old even typing that!)
then i made him wait, and wait...and wait some more
until nine years ago, today
when we went out for our first date

it was my first time at the olive garden
and we've gone every march 31st since 
(except for our 2nd anniversary - but that's another story for another day!)
this year, we decided to swap out our our usual dinner for a lunch date instead
since we're having a big dinner tonight to celebrate Easter 
which is something much bigger and better to celebrate

today we celebrate our Lord Jesus dying on the cross
to pay the debt we've incurred by our sin
then rising from death three days later
having conquered sin and death
and now, because of this, we have access to salvation and redemption
and eternal life in heaven with Him
and a transformed life for the time that we're on earth
not because of anything that we have done
but because of His grace and what He has done on our behalf
guys, this is a big deal!
there is no other way to salvation, but through Him
and we are so very grateful for His transforming work on the cross and in our lives
and the hope that it has given us

thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus!

Happy Easter, everybody!

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