Monday, March 11, 2013

last week in review: reflections and resolutions

i knew going into last week that it was going to be a busy one
i had something major on the calendar for every day 
which may not seem like much, 
but jumping from our norm of one, maybe two busy days a week
(outside of the day-to-day, that is) 
to seven days full of appointments, classes, business meetings etc.
was exhausting
...add in the surprise element of the kiddos and me getting sick,
plus one of them being seriously sad over what we think were teething pain,
and we were set for one crazy week!

and that's exactly what it was: crazy
the jam-packed schedule, the needy kids, the late nights, the annoying cold....
let's just say there were some high highs and some low lows

and to be honest,
on the one hand, i did enjoy the business
and the extra cuddles we needed to squeeze in
but on the other, i was pretty stressed out and more drained than i've been in a long time

and in that not-so-wonderful place
i was reminded just how important it is to lean on the Lord.
i'm not perfect, guys (anyone surprised?  hah.)
there are times when i'm totally on track and in the Word
and other times....not so much

but if i've learned anything in the past year
it's the importance of renewing my mind and seeking truth
especially when the going gets tough.
but those are the times i just want to give in instead
and pout, or pick a fight, or be impatient
or whatever

thankfully, i'm in good company,
even Paul felt that way sometimes:
so, i've decided to do something for myself
that i've often done for others going through a hard time
in order to tangibly "renew my mind"
and stay on track when i just wanna give in

i'm going to write out some verses
and tuck them away here and there
in order to help me focus on truth through my day
and better lean on Him to carry me through when I just don't have the strength
i am so encouraged by that verse

i know our battle is not against flesh and blood
and i know that none of us can do it on our own
but i also know that He will never leave us or forsake us
and i am so thankful that we can look to Jesus, our perfect example and helper

and that's the truth,
the gospel (literally, the good news)
that we should preach to ourselves when things get tough

can i get an amen?

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