Monday, March 25, 2013

renewed: new week, new day, new mercies

happy monday, everybody! 

we're kicking off the week with a glorious day over here
the sun is shining and there's not a cloud in sight,
which is always lightens up the mood
(no pun intended...well, maybe just a teensy one - can't help myself sometimes)!

the girls and i had a great morning:
they ate and played nice
i ate and spent some time in the Word
the fact that all these things happened before 11am is nothing short of miraculous

i've really been challenged lately to renew my mind 
not just daily, but throughout the day
to really savor scripture in my heart and head as i go about my day
so it was definitely a treat to actually get some reading done in the morning as we begin a new day

i'm not getting to do that as often as i'd like
between the chaos that is life with my girlies
and my way too easily distracted personality
(which, i am working on!)

i was feeling pretty discouraged about the whole situation a couple of weeks ago
as we sat in church, listening to a sermon
about finding our joy and satisfaction first and foremost in the Lord,
and how we need to read and study and know scripture regularly
in order to live this way

then our pastor talked about how being Word saturated is both a delight and a discipline
and it was like a light bulb lit up in my head:
i won't always wake up eager to crack open my Bible - that's where the discipline part kicks in
but that discipline leads to delight as I grow in relationship with the Lord

anyway, all that to say:
i am excited and encouraged to have gotten to spend some time in the Word this morning; 
i hope this little spiel of mine has encouraged you to do the same!
an excerpt from my reading this morning

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