Monday, May 13, 2013

a post mother's day post

yesterday was mother's day
and i missed the "get online tell your mother how much you love her" boat
not because i have anything against doing that
or against my mother 
(i love you, mom...and i've totally done the online declaration of love before here and here!)
i just missed the boat this year, that's all

you know what else i missed doing?  
taking a picture with my kids
maybe i was too caught up in the day itself
maybe because it's hard to remember to step in front of the camera from time to time
maybe i was still recovering from this past week which had way too much going on

but what i do have is a recent picture with me and one of my girlies
from the weekend before mother's day weekend, actually
that i meant to share with you last week, 
but didn't get a chance to in the middle of all the "busy"
it was a super hot day (especially for May!)
but we didn't have enough time to head out to the beach
so we slipped the girls into their swimsuits
and introduced them to the sprinkler
try it with your own littles!
you're guaranteed to have a blast 
AND getting them down for a nap afterwards will be a breeze (double bonus!!)

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