Monday, May 27, 2013

happy birthday... me!
yep, today i turn 28 
this past year has been unlike any other
(i suppose that's technically true for all years, but you know what i mean...)
it was nothing like what i had imagined or expected,
but it was still good

i've gotten older, 
and hopefully a bit wiser
i've learned a lot about myself
and the people closest to me
i've watched our babies grow and change so much
i've watched myself change as i mother two little people
who i love so much, but who still drive me so crazy sometimes
i've been over-the-moon happy, 
unbelievably frustrated and angry, 
deeply hurt and saddened
i've faced things i didn't want to face
i've learned that i'm braver than i thought
i've realized that i don't need to be as strong as i would like
that i can and should lean more on the Lord and those who He's placed in my life
i've built new habits,
i've fallen off some bandwagons
i've surprised myself
...a lot can happen over a year!

all of these things are pretty typical to experience over such a span of time
(i think...or maybe it's just me?)
but i've realized something, 
being a stay at home mom (of twins, at that!)
has caused me to reflect and process this kind stuff much more
because i'm more often than not "stuck" at home
instead of out and about, distracting myself with business
and it's a good thing, I think
it helps me to be thankful for my experiences, even the not so good ones

so today, i am thankful for this past year
and i look forward to the experiences my next year will hold
i pray that i not only continue to reflect on my life and experiences, 
but that i would live them intentionally
that i would savor the important things
let go of the not-so-important things
allow every moment i'm given to be redeemed
and hold "my plan" loosely
so that i can embrace and enjoy whatever unfolds
as things continue to turn out completely different than what i expected

as a perfectionist and an idealist, these are some difficult resolutions to make
but i think they'll be good for me
29, bring it on!

(p.s. this was my "recap" for my 26th birthday - what i didn't mention was that i took a pregnancy test when we got home from our date on my actual birthday and it came back positive.  i still call that the best birthday gift i've ever gotten, and i can't help but relive it in my head every birthday since - so much happy packed into this day!)

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