Wednesday, May 1, 2013


hey folks!
we've been on a house / dog sitting adventure for the past week
which means less time on the computer 
and more time getting settled into the space we've been calling home

it's a lot quieter here
and i've been keeping busier
with the dogs and the dishes (no dishwasher here!)
and meal-prepping without my usual staples kicking around
with staring out at the ocean from the kitchen table / living room 
(i sometimes catch myself looking out, lost in thought and wonder how long i've been standing there)
and with trying to keep all the beautiful plants in this place alive, despite my black thumb
it seems that every windowsill has something growing or blooming on it
i just couldn't help but take a couple of pictures to share my view with you

you know what else has been growing around here?  
these two...growing into big girls in SO many ways
every day we see more of their personalities coming out
they've gotten way more interactive in this past week alone
and while mustering up the patience to keep up with them can be sometimes be a challenge
i've been reminded lately just how blessed we are to have them in our lives

thank you, Jesus
for ocean views
and pretty flowers
and growing girlies!

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