Tuesday, May 21, 2013

busy bee + a baby

hello friends!
sorry i haven't been around as much lately
like i mentioned in my last post, life has been busy

we enjoyed lots of family time over the long weekend
including a day of fishng (for the guys) / the beach (for the mamas and babies)
the sun never came out to play, but it didn't rain and we got to catch up with good friends, 
so i'd call it a success!

i also got to take pictures of a super sweet newborn yesterday
i met this little guy's parents about twelve years ago
when we all went to the same high school
and now, here we are all married and with kids!
it was so nice to meet their little bundle, 
have some "mom talk" 
and just catch up

anyway, here are a few of my favorites
(i figure the cuteness factor should earn me some forgiveness points
for the lack of posts around here!)


  1. cute photos! Love the first one, it's precious!

  2. thanks, Cecilia! The first one is definitely my favorite so far, too. :)


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